Use #MCCdenimday to raise awareness and support victims

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My jeans protest violence
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We show our support by wearing denim and you should too on April 29.  Use the hashtag #MCCdenimday to share your photos on social media.

Also, students and employees can take part in a Denim Day Online Scavenger Hunt by Clicking Here. Complete the hunt and you will be entered to win a prize.

If you have questions about #MCCdenimday please contact MCC Compliance Specialist Michelle Martin at

How it started

In 1998, a young girl was picked up by her driving instructor for her first lesson. After he raped her, he threatened to kill her if she told anyone, but she told her parents and he was sent to jail.

The perpetrator appealed the case and the trial made it to the Italian Supreme Court. It was there that the case was dismissed because the court claimed that the girl’s jeans were so tight, she would have had to help the suspect remove them. That the court claimed made it consensual.

Outraged, the women of Parliament came to work in jeans the next day. As word of the case and the protest spread, Denim Day evolved and took hold around the world.

Denim Day is a protest against sexual assault and the myths surrounding it. It was first organized in 1999 and the campaign has grown over the past 21 years.

It is always held on a Wednesday during April, which is Sexual Violence Awareness Month. Get more info at