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Information Technology (IT)

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MCC Connect Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Topics:

How do I reset my password?

Please visit to reset your password. If none of these options work, please call MCC Connect at 866-664-2832 for assistance.

How do I access my student email and/or forward to my personal email?

These instructions will help with setup, sign in and forwarding email:
  • You can access email via O365 at or by clicking the Email link under the Student Home link in your myMohave Portal.
  • The Schoology messaging system is a separate from your student email.
  • How do I sign in if I am already signed into another O365 account?
    • Use different browsers or devices for each account.
    • OR
    • Sign out of the other account in order to sign in with your school account.

I submitted a ticket but have not heard back

  • After submitting a ticket to, an email will be sent to the email address on the ticket (your student email is set as the default address) that your ticket was successfully created. When the staff member writes back on the ticket, it will send another email to that same address that the ticket has been updated. 
  • If you do not have access to the student email to check the status, you can revisit, sign in and click on the My Tickets tile to view your open, closed, or all your tickets to see the response on your ticket.
  • If there are no updates on your ticket, please write back on the ticket or call MCC Connect to request a follow up.

Report a Phish

If you are receiving suspicious emails in your student email, please forward them to for review. A ticket will be generated and a staff member will follow up through the ticket.

FREE Microsoft Office

As a student, you get full access to the following Microsoft programs. The programs are available to use online AND as real software that you can download and install on your personal devices.

  • In a web browser, visit
  • Log in with your full MCC email and password such as
  • In the top-right corner of the portal, click on the “Install Office” button
  • Follow the onscreen instructions from Microsoft on running the installer

What is “The View” and how do I access it?

From any computer, anywhere, you can visit to connect remotely to MCC. After you log on, you have access to many programs needed for class including:

What is the H: Drive?

As a student, you get access to a network drive that you can access anywhere on campus or on the View and it’s the H: drive. To find this drive, you open the File Explorer (located in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and looks like a yellow manila folder.), then click on This PC, and under Network Locations you will see your H: drive.

You can use this drive to save your documents, pictures, or anything else related to your coursework and access it from any machine that is on the MCC network. For example, if you were in class working on a document and needed to access it in the library, you would save it to your H: drive and go over to the library, sign in to any machine there, and retrieve your document from your H: drive.

You should ALWAYS save your work to the H: drive, USB drive, or cloud share. The IT department routinely refreshes the computing environment, so saving work to the local computer does not necessarily mean it will be there the next day. Saving your work to the network drive (H: drive) or USB drive is the best way to ensure you don’t lose your work!

FREE copy of Windows 10

Windows 10 logo

Register at

  • You can get discounted or free software from The Hub like Windows 10, Adobe Creative Cloud, and many more. You will need to register for the site with your MCC email address before you can add any software to your cart!
  • Please note: you will be liable for the full price of any products you have ordered if you are unable to supply proof of your eligibility upon request.

Download Adobe Acrobat DC Reader to open, read, and sign PDF forms

Please visit to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat DC Reader:

How to clear browser cache and cookies

Report a Schoology issue

Please submit a Schoology ticket by clicking on the Schoology tile in the self-service portal or go here:

Respondus LockDown Browser for testing

Create a Zoom Account

Here are instructions on creating a Zoom account:

Download Zoom Client

Please visit the Zoom website to get the download client:

How to Join a Zoom Session

How do I sign my OnBase form?

  • You will receive an email of the link to your OnBase form
  • Copy and paste the link into your browser and sign in to OnBase:
  • Your form will populate and you will be able to fill and sign the form
  • “I cannot log into OnBase”

Connecting to MCC while outside the country

If you need to connect to MCC while outside of the country,  we strongly suggest you use a VPN connecting software like  WinScribe , or Surfshark   or use a VPN software of your choice. It is your responsibility to download and install the VPN software.
MCC is not responsible for any Lost or Stolen Data and any damage to your machine. 
MCC is not responsible for establishing any connections while outside the country to MCC. 


Student Resources

To purchase software at discounted prices, please visit and register at

Internet resources for K12 & college students

Adobe Free Distance Learning Resources & Project Ideas

Visit Adobe’s page at for more information

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