Find Your Interest and Path to Success

Our four instructional divisions have 16 areas of interest that give you the opportunity to find your passion and turn it into the prosperous career of your dreams. Plus, the Community & Corporate Education division has dozens of fun and informative non-credit classes for lifelong learning and improvement.  

Career and Technical Education

Boasting more job opportunities than skilled professionals to fill them, northwestern Arizona is home to many opportunities in the industrial and service industries, which means immediate career openings, career advancement and the opportunity for long-term success.

Areas of interest in this division: 

  • Transportation
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Business, Computer Science and Information Technology
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Health and Public Services

People with careers in Health Care, Public Safety and Human Services make a difference in the lives of others each day. Mohave Community College prepares you for many well-paid positions and long-lasting careers.

Areas of interest in this division:

  • Health Professions
  • Public Safety
  • Human Services
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Arts and Sciences

Prepare for a career in your area of interest and/or transfer to one of our university partners where you can continue your path to a bachelor’s degree and higher.

Areas of interest in this division: 

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
  • Art and Design, Education, Humanities and Languages 
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Adult Education
  • Dual Enrollment Modality
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Corporate and Community Education

Explore the variety of non-credit classes available in Corporate and Community Education. Corporate Education classes provide an opportunity to grow your skills and advance your career while Community Education offer classes that provide students the chance to try a variety of interests and careers.

Areas of interest in this division:

  • Community Education
  • Career Training and Professional Development
  • Corporate Training
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