Student Clubs

Student Clubs

The MCC community believes that every student deserves to be respected and celebrated for who they are. Come learn what it truly means to be an MCC student and see how Student Life on each MCC campus can help you learn, succeed and be truly you.

The goal of student life is to provide students with the total MCC experience. That means supporting student learning opportunities, leadership, involvement and creative expression in and beyond the classroom.

Student Experience Statement

Mohave Community College aims to provide an inspiring education exemplified by clear pathways as a stepping stone to completion, transfer, or post-college success. That student experience will be characterized by:

  • a welcoming and caring community that promotes discovery, confidence, individuality, diversity, and belonging;
  • relevant programs and courses including work-based learning options that ensure preparation for the real world and the future;
  • personalized and inviting services that support students in person or online; and
  • rewarding relationships with knowledgeable, empathetic and committed faculty and staff.

Mohave Community College faculty, staff, and administration will support this experience with:

  • academic programs with clear pathways and class schedules designed to meet students’ needs;
  • a comprehensive first year experience that helps students easily navigate college processes, discover resources, and enter and succeed in their chosen academic pathway;
  • caring environment with seamless services that provide timely assistance for students’ academic and non-academic needs; and
  • innovative use of technology and teaching practices leveraged to deliver dynamic and engaging learning experiences.

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