Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

MCC Bighorn Intrepid Goal (BIG)

All adults who have not yet completed a post-secondary degree will be inspired to attain the credential, certificate, or degree they seek from Mohave Community College by 2030.


MCC serves our communities, empowering students to succeed through innovative pathways and quality education.


Improving lives.  Improving communities.  Bridging possibility to purpose and prosperity.


Create the Future. We cultivate relentless curiosity in our students and each other to unlock new opportunities and break barriers. We take risks, adapt to oncoming challenges and opportunities, and engineer new ideas as we learn together from our mistakes and successes.

Engage Fearlessly. We bring passion and energy to our work by dreaming big, being bold, having fun, and fostering a caring environment. Celebrating each other and our results with enthusiasm makes our work meaningful and exciting.

Build Together. Our individual differences and backgrounds strengthen our teams, where we seek input and ensure every voice is heard. We amplify our impact when we empower each other to take ownership and work together toward a common vision.

Live Authentically. We are at our best when we share information openly, create clarity, invite stakeholders to participate in decision-making, and communicate with utmost respect.

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