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“I would say that MCC basically put my life on a different trajectory. I had no aspirations and no hope for the future at a certain point, but MCC made me want to have a close relationship with them for a long time.”
Chase Rice, MCC Graduate
“The teachers were so helpful. I feel like I built a special connection with the teachers.”
Jasmine Olivo, MCC GED Graduate
“I didn’t expect to enjoy the community that formed around my studies as much as I did. MCC also helped me to connect to what I want to do later in life.”
Adam Romano, MCC Alumni
“Having the flexibility to be able to pick my schedule was huge for me. I could time it where I could get to my classes and not have to worry about the scheduling of my work.”
Chief Troy Sterling, MCC Alumni
“MCC is not just a small community college. I mean, you go through the A/C program here and you’re up with the best AC training programs in the western United States.”
Rusty Dubois, MCC Alumni