Office of College Communications

Office of College Communications

The College Communications team shares the MCC story with the community, which includes explaining the great benefits and value of MCC programs, services, events and student life. We also provide assistance to employees and students so they can share their great MCC stories and events.  

On this page you will find information about some of the ways our team helps showcase college programs and services, including the creation of videos such as this:

MCC News 

You can find the latest MCC news on the Newsroom page and in the Bighorn Blast Newscasts. We send out news releases and announcements weekly, covering a variety of newsworthy college items and events. If you have a great story or event you’d like the community to know about please fill out the Submit Your Story Idea form.

Members of the public and the media who would like information about the college and it’s programs and services can contact our public information experts at

Social Media

We are very active on social media and it is a great place to get up to the minute information about what’s happening at the College. Please like and follow MCC on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter where we are @mohavecc. The College YouTube channel is also @Mohavecc. On Snapchat we are @mohavec.  We hope you’ll comment, like and share our posts to help spread the word about all the fun and informational programs, services and events the college provides students and community members.   

We love sharing pictures of MCC students, faculty, staff, campus life and events.  If you have pictures or video you’d like to share on the college social media pages, just DM us, or attach the pictures/video to an email and send it to  If the files are too large for email, please contact our Digital Communications Specialist Kimbal Picard at ext. 1196. or College employees and members of college-approved student clubs can also fill out the Project Request Form and ask to have upcoming events posted on social media.

Events and Community Involvement

We love seeing MCC students and employees involved in the community, and we really love sharing pictures and video of it. The College Communications team also helps organize, promote and provides material for many college and community events throughout the year.  

If you’re an MCC employee or student club representative and would like MCC branded material for an event your program, department or club will be hosting or attending, please fill out the Project Request Form. We have a lot of marketing collateral such as banners, branded table cloths, flyers and more. If you have a specific request for event items, or would like to know more about what is available, please call our Marketing Specialist Andrew Corrieri at ext. 1132 or

If you’re an MCC employee, or member of an MCC approved student club, and would like the College Communications team to help promote or organize a specific event, here are a few steps to follow.

  1. Ask yourself how the event might help MCC share the college story and benefit students and the community. 
  2. Does your department/club have the personnel to staff the entire event? 
  3. Discuss the proposal with your supervisor/club adviser.
  4. If your supervisor/club adviser is on board, fill out the Project Request Form.

MCC Branding

View and download Branding Guidelines.

The College Communications team creates and manages all MCC branding elements.  College employees and representatives of college approved student clubs may access and visit the ToolsTwo internal webpage to download College-approved branding images including templates for flyers, branded documents and more. Others should contact the Office of Communications for official branding images.

mcc logo improving livesblaze mascot logoMCC seal

There are several local screen printing and embroidery businesses that have the college branding guidelines for merchandise and apparel. If you would like to have material printed at a business that does not have the college branding guide, please have them contact us for a copy of the MCC Apparel & Merchandise Guide. If you would like a consumer version of the guide please fill out the Project Request Form.

View & Download MCC Branded Material
If you have questions about branding guidelines please contact Brand Design & Project Manager Brooke Garcia ext. 1104, or email her at

Photography and Videography 

The Communications team loves to share pictures and video that tell the MCC story.  We are continually updating the website and social media with new pictures and video, and we’d love to share some that you may have.  If you would like assistance or a tutorial on how to shooting high-quality video and/or pictures with your mobile device, please fill out the request form and ask for a tutorial. We are happy to help. Don’t forget, email those MCC pics and vids to   


The Communications team manages content on and works closely with IT on the website design and layout. MCC faculty and staff help ensure accuracy on the site, and fill out the Project Request Form when their pages need updated information. If you spot an issue on the website please fill out the request form or email our Website Content Manager at so it can be addressed as soon as possible. For faculty and staff who need technical assistance with the website, please fill out an IT service ticket. For assistance with design issues or to request design/content changes, please fill out the Project Request Form.

MCC Email Signature

College faculty and staff can access the email signature template at and by selecting College Branding Resources.

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