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Important Notice

Updated information for GI Bill students during COVID-19 changes.

• For any student that was required to have an on-campus class for full housing payment and that on-campus class was converted to online – there will be no change in housing payments. You will continue to be paid at the regular rate as if no change was made.

• For any student who had classes cancelled – those changes are required to be reported to the VA and will not be eligible for housing payments.

• For any student who had an extended break or delay in class resuming – No changes will need to be reported to the VA and payments will continue as usual unless the college extends the end of the term date. If that change takes place, an adjustment will need to be reported to the VA.

• If you have questions regarding your specific circumstances and how it will affect you, please call the GI Bill Education Hotline at 1-888-442-4551.

• Please email me at or send a message through Schoology if you would like to speak with me about these changes. You can also schedule a virtual appointment with me at this link Be sure that you select Zoom (video conference) as your location option. You do not have to have access to a camera, there is a phone number that you can dial in and a chat feature as well.


Mohave Community College welcomes the chance to serve those that served America.

We are committed to serving active duty, reservists, all veterans, and their families. We hope the following informational pages will assist with your educational goals.

Mohave Community College has Veterans Clubs whose mission is to serve as a support system for student veterans, as well as family members of veterans and supporters.


Veteran Services Coordinator

Jimi Hammond

Jimi Hammond

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