A Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)

A Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)

Becoming HSI Committee

The Becoming HSI Committee (BHSI) was formed in January 2023 soon after Mohave Community College received the federal designation. The committee consists of members from across the college and the four campuses including staff, faculty, and administrators. The purpose, outcomes, and objectives of the committee are highlighted below.

Committee Purpose

To support Latinx learners by inspiring organizational transformation.

Committee Outcomes

Outcome 1: Enhance Enrollment for Latinx Learners

  • Support Latinx learners in accessing higher education.
  • Support Latinx learners in attaining and continuing their education.
  • Support career and program completion rates for Latinx learners.

Outcome 2: Identify and Enhance Support Services and Activities for Latinx Learners

  • Engage with experienced HSIs to identify, select, and adopt appropriate evidence-based practices.
  • Identify institutional gaps and recommend well-documented evidence-based practices to alleviate deficiencies.
  • Measure and assess engagement in support services and activities to inform organizational transformation.

Outcome 3: Promote a Welcoming and Culturally Inclusive Environment for Latinx Learners

  • Recommend and promote cultural competency for all employees to enhance their cultural responsiveness and expand their cultural responsibility.
  • Embrace cultural and cross-cultural events and celebrations to create an environment and culture of care and support.
  • Engage with internal and external Latinx community stakeholders to understand specific career and educational needs of Latinx learners.
  • Foster community and industry partnerships that promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Encourage audits of college policies and procedures to deconstruct systemic inequities.

More Information

For more information about the designation or the BHSI committee please contact Dr. Maria Ayon at MAyon@mohave.edu or Vanessa Espinoza at VEspinoza@mohave.edu

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