Disclosure of Information

Disclosure of Information

MCC does not disclose confidential information we collect online to individuals or entities not affiliated with MCC, except in the limited circumstances described below. Non-confidential information may be disclosed or distributed pursuant to federal laws, state laws, including Arizona’s public records laws, and MCC and Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) policies. These laws and policies explain what information may be shared or disclosed. They also explain what information is protected as confidential. 

Student Records. 

Certain records of students are protected by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Arizona law, and MCC Policy. Information about students’ access to their education records and protection of education records is available in MCC’s Student Services Manual. This policy also provides information on students’ rights to limit access to their directory information. MCC may disclose confidential student information with the consent of the student, under subpoena or court order, or in other limited circumstances as permitted by FERPA and other applicable laws.


MCC takes steps to ensure that confidential information collected online is secure. These steps include ongoing User education; using tools in an effort to restrict unauthorized access, viruses, phishing, and hacking attempts; and monitoring activity to identify potential system threats. MCC routinely assesses and enhances tools and processes available to strengthen our online security.

Contact Information

If you believe MCC has not adhered to this Privacy Statement, please contact MCC’s privacy team at privacy@mohave.edu. MCC will use reasonable efforts to address your concerns; although there may be circumstances where we cannot assist.

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