Start a career as a truck driver in less than 4 weeks with Phoenix Truck Driving School at MCC

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New Phoenix Truck Driving School trailer.
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MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave Community College and the Phoenix Truck Driving School partnership has been going strong for a year, and in that time helped more than 100 students obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in Mohave County.

Phoenix Truck Driving School, also known as Phoenix Truck Driving Institute, has provided students with CDL training for more than a decade.  In northwestern Arizona the school is located on the MCC Neal Campus in Kingman.  It offers a combination of classroom, online, range and on-the-road training. There is career placement assistance that gives students an opportunity to secure a job before they graduate. 

Jeff Sroka, the truck driving school’s site manager on the MCC campus, said people can finish the program in as little as four weeks, and new classes start every Monday.

“Truck driving is a unique experience as a job because you have to be willing to be responsible, get to your destination on time and live in the back of your cab for weeks at a time,” he said. 

Truck driving can fit all personalities and lifestyles, according to Sroka. “Men, women, a person with a family, someone who’s outgoing or someone who’s reserved, a professional truck driver can be anyone from various backgrounds, especially for those who just enjoy being on the road.”

Michael Senio, a recent graduate of the Phoenix Truck Driving School at MCC, said he decided to join the truck driving profession because he’s always enjoyed being on the road and the feeling of freedom when he’s driving. After completing the program and getting his CDL, he earned a job at IWX Motor Freight in Kingman.

“I’ve been driving around regionally and the farthest I’ve gone is Springfield, Missouri, and so far I’m loving it, best decision I’ve made for a career,” Senio said.

Senio added he really enjoyed the program because the instructors are hands on and the rest of the students are there with the same goal.

HDS Inc. is a family owned and operated company with seven truck driving schools and the largest family-owned over-the-road trucking company in Tucson, AZ, DSW. For more information, call (888) 481-2840 or visit, 

New Phoenix Truck Driving School trailer.

Start your CDL training at Phoenix Truck Driving School at Mohave Community College. The program has been partners with MCC for a year and it has graduated more than 100 students.