FAQs for Schoology & New to Online Students

FAQs for Schoology & New to Online Students

Mobile app instructions for login to Schoology

  1. Download the Schoology app from the device’s app store.
  2. Open the app and tap into the search field. To search for Mohave Community College, type 86409 into the field. As you type, matching choices will start to appear.
    Note: Do not choose to log in through schoology.com. Do not tap ‘Continue’ .
    Schoology login screen

  3. Tap to select Mohave Community College. Do not select Neal Campus-Kingman.
    Schoology school selection

  4. This will take you to the portal login page. You will only need to do this once unless you log out of the mobile app. Use your normal school credentials on this screen.
    Schoology login screen

I have sent my instructor a message but haven’t heard back, what now?

Instructors should get back to you within 24 hours during the weekdays and 48 hours during the weekend. If it has been longer, please contact MCC Connect at 1-866-664-2832.

How do I Clear browser Cookies and/or Cache?

Are online courses easier than campus-based courses?

Online courses require just as much effort as a face to face courses. The technology requirement may add to the time an online course takes. Be sure to set aside plenty of time to work on your online course.

I am supposed to take this quiz or submit this assignment but am unable to.

Contact your instructor and let them know.

Can I submit my online classwork at any time?

Most courses have set due dates for classwork, usually weekly. Refer to your course syllabus for due dates.

My instructor says they graded my work, but I don’t see a grade.

If you know an assignment has been graded but are unable to see the grade, please contact your instructor.

I can log in to Schoology, but I don’t see my classes?

Courses will appear in the “Courses” drop-down menu 24 hours before the start date.

I can’t log into Schoology.

If you are a brand new student and have just signed for classes, give the system 24 hours for your account to be created in Schoology. If you are not a brand-new student or it has been 24 hours since you registered for classes, contact MCC Connect for help. 1-866-664-2832

How do I message my instructor?

Navigate to your course, click on the members’ tab, click on the gear icon to the right of your instructor’s name and select “Send Message.” Fill in the message details and click “Send.”

I am sure I submitted my assignment, but my instructor doesn’t see it.

Contact MCC Connect at 1-866-664-2832 to place a help desk ticket. Please include the following information: course name and section number, folder location of assignment, name of the assignment, and date and time of submission.

Are Schoology messages and MCC email the same?

Schoology messages are accessible through Schoology. MCC student email is separate and you will receive official MCC correspondence through your email and not Schoology. However, you may receive Schoology notifications in your MCC Email as well. Your MCC student email can be accessed through the myMohave portal at http://jics.mohave.edu.

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