MCC Online

MCC Online

You can earn a college certificate or degree from the comfort of your home or office, participating in classes at times that fit your lifestyle. Online advisors, librarians and student services specialists are available to you as needed. It’s college without the commute.

Online Courses

Online courses are those courses where the content is delivered either asynchronously and/or synchronously via the Internet using a course or learning management system. Students may be required to participate in non-online learning or assessment activities for some courses and/or programs (examples include proctored exams, site visits, and/or interviews).

  • Asynchronous online courses allow students to access course work from home using the internet and a computer on their own time and work at their own pace. Courses still have due dates, typically weekly but may be more or less frequent, that students need to comply with. 
  • Synchronous online courses are online courses that contain a synchronous component where students are expected to meet for synchronous instructional interactive times via video and/or audio conferencing as set in the schedule and syllabus. Students are not required to come to any MCC campus to participate. However, synchronous online courses may be broadcast from an on-campus location, and may even have students physically present within the on-ground classroom environment. These synchronous classes are considered to be online courses and are managed in the same manner as asynchronous online courses.

Hybrid Courses

    Hybrid courses integrate face-to-face and online instruction in a complementary manner to combine the best features of both. This definition is provided for clarification only.

    • Actual face-to-face class meeting times and locations are listed on the course schedule and a designation is made on the schedule which identifies the course as a hybrid course.
    • The remaining ‘course time’ is comprised of direct instruction in an online environment in which content is delivered (examples include: videos, narrated PowerPoint presentations, discussions, live webinars), learning activities are structured and interaction occurs either synchronously and/or asynchronously, typically through MCC’s learning management system and/or one or more interactive technologies.
    • All hybrid courses require students and instructors to have the same computer access, internet connectivity, hardware and software as online courses.

    Online Resources

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