Disability Services

Disability Services

As a part of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Accommodation Services collaborates with students, staff, faculty, and community members to create welcoming and inclusive learning environments that support equitable access to education while fostering student independence. 

Requesting Accommodations 

Requesting Accommodations  – Students may experience conditions or situations, either temporary or ongoing, limiting their access to college events, student life, and educational opportunities. If a student anticipates or experiences physical or academic barriers due to a disability, personal injury, serious illness, pregnancy-related issues, or unexpected life events that individual is encouraged to contact an Academic Advisor to request accommodations. 

How to request accommodations, meet with an advisor, provide proper documentation, respond to phone or email

First-time Requests

  1. Complete the Student Application for Accommodations and meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss your needs.
  2. Submit documentation supporting the request to Accommodation Services. Documentation can be attached to the application or, dropped off at the Student Service front desk, emailed to Access@mohave.edu, or faxed to 928.704.4164.
  3. Respond to communication from Accommodation Services regarding your request for accommodations.

After a consult with Accommodation Services, the Accommodations and Testing Centers Manager will email students approved for accommodations a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) to their MCC student email account.  After LOAs have been sent, any changes to course schedules should be communicated to Accommodation Services and is the student’s responsibility to inform Accommodation Services.

Renewal Requests

Please note that for a student to receive accommodations, accommodations must be requested by the student every semester. All students may request to renew services by completing an Accommodation Renewal Request.

Disability Eligibility Statement: Mohave Community College is dedicated to ensuring compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Section 504 prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities by those who receive federal funds. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complements Section 504. The ADA is a Civil Rights Act protecting the rights of people with disabilities.

The ADA defines disability as: A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities. Examples of major life activities are: walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, thinking, concentrating, reading, learning, breathing, standing, etc.

An individual who meets the qualifications of a person with a disability cannot be discriminated against on the basis of that disability. MCC will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals in order for the qualified individual to have equal opportunity in all facilities, programs, and activities at Mohave Community College.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for disability-related accommodations, a student must:

  • Have a disability covered by the law
  • Be a qualified student*
  • Identify themselves as having a covered disability by providing appropriate documentation
  • Request an accommodation

*A qualified student is a student with or without a disability who meets the academic and technical standards requisite for admission or participation in the institution’s educational program or activity. 

Qualified students with disabilities are not entitled to accommodations if they have not self-identified, have not provided appropriate documentation, and have not requested accommodations.

In order for a student to receive accommodations, accommodations must be requested by the student every semester. 

Legal Compliance

Federal Law Regarding People with Disabilities – Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 – “No otherwise qualified handicapped* individual in the United States shall, solely by reason of his handicap, be excluded from the participation in, be denied benefits of, nor be subjected to discrimination under any program activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

*Handicap/handicapped is the wording used in the law that was passed in 1973. Disability/disabled are the terms that are used today.

Americans with Disability Act – ADA is a comprehensive Civil Rights Act protecting the rights of people with disabilities. The ADA prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in the areas of private employment, public accommodations and services, transportation, and telecommunications. The Americans with Disabilities Act also prohibits discrimination against a qualified individual with a disability with regard to admission to educational institutions or vocational training programs (public or private); job application procedures; hiring, discharge of employees; employee compensation; job training; and other terms, conditions and privileges of employment.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Statement: Mohave Community College strives to facilitate, within reason, appropriate resources, services, and auxiliary aids to allow each qualified person with a documented disability equitable access to educational programs, social experiences, and career opportunities. The Executive Director for the Center for Teaching and Learning, Danette Bristle, 3400 HWY 95, Bullhead City (928) 704-9480, and Director of Employee Services, Jennifer Picard, 1971 Jagerson Ave., Kingman (928) 681-5624, shall act as ADA coordinators for the College to oversee compliance in the areas of facilities, student accommodations, and employment practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students with disabilities have to request accommodations?

No, students with disabilities are not required to inform the college that they have a disability or request accommodations. Students who feel they may need accommodations but are not sure or encouraged to request them as soon as possible. If a student does not request accommodations until mid-semester, the accommodations are not retroactive to the beginning of the semester.

Does MCC provide assistance for students such as personal assistants, transportation to, from, and around campus, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.?

No. Colleges are not required to provide assistance to students for daily living. Services and devices of a personal nature needed to function daily are the student’s responsibility and not the college’s. Mohave Community College does not provide personal assistants, eyeglasses, hearing aids, other devices of a personal nature, nor transportation. 

How are instructors informed of a student’s request for accommodations?

After Disability Services have approved accommodation requests, the Student Accommodation Specialist will send an Accommodation Request Form (ARF) notice to the appropriate instructor(s). Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their approved accommodations with their instructors to promote student self-advocacy and discuss any concerns about how the accommodations will work. 

How much time is needed to put an accommodation in place?

Mohave Community College requires up to six weeks’ notice to provide disability-related reasonable accommodations or assistance to the person requesting accommodation, provided the accommodation does not create an undue hardship on the financial or structural operation of the college. Whenever possible, the college may provide reasonable accommodation(s) with less than a six-week period provided an undue hardship on the financial or structural operation of the college does not exist. 

If a student has requested accommodations, do they have to use them?

No. Students can choose not to use their accommodations.

If a student receives special education services in high school, will they automatically receive accommodations in college?

No. Students must complete the process to request accommodations at MCC. Please note that students will not always receive the same accommodations in college that they received in high school. Colleges do not have to provide accommodations that change the requirements of a course or program or impose an undue financial or administrative burden on the college. Additionally, different colleges may provide different accommodations.

Who is eligible to receive accommodations and services as a person with a disability at the college?

An individual must meet the admission requirements or be a current student at MCC. The individual must provide documentation from a certified professional that states the diagnosis and limitations of the individual before any accommodations or services can be accessed.

Who is responsible for making sure that accommodations are implemented?

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the requested accommodations are being implemented. If a student wishes to report non-compliance regarding their approved accommodations, the student will need to speak with an Academic Advisor or contact Disability Services. Students are encouraged to speak with their instructors regarding their accommodations and needs. Students with testing accommodations are responsible for giving their instructor the Testing Accommodation Form before a test and scheduling a time to test in the campus Testing Center. Students are also responsible for obtaining and returning equipment borrowed and provided for their approved accommodation.

Why are accommodations provided?

Accommodations are designed to provide all students with equitable access to college programs, courses, and activities. Accommodations are not a guarantee of success. They are in place to provide equal opportunity for success.

Will Mohave Community College pay for a diagnostic evaluation from a certified professional?

No. Colleges are not required to pay for diagnostic evaluations to help you document your disability. Students are responsible for providing the appropriate documentation of a disability to receive accommodations.

Does a student with a service animal have to submit documentation?

Students with service animals are not required to register with Disability Services or submit documentation for the service animal.  However, students are encouraged to complete the disability services process for increased communication, organization, and review of services. The submission of documentation may assist the College in determining further accommodation services for which the individual may be eligible and improve the organization of modifications in classrooms that may be necessary. 

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