Early Start Scholarship Program

Earn college credit through the Early Start Scholarship Program.

Early Start is a scholarship program for high school students, home schooled students and GED graduates.

How it works:

This scholarship is awarded for a total of ten credit hours (Arizona in-state tuition) for courses numbered 100 or above taken anytime from the summer directly before a student’s junior year through the spring of their senior year. GED recipients are eligible for this scholarship the semester following the completion of GED. GED recipients must utilize this scholarship within one calendar year of completion of their GED.

Students will be required to use three of the ten credits to complete the STU 103, “Survive and Thrive,” course to qualify for the Early Start Scholarship. Students must have either completed STU 103, before utilizing the Early Start Scholarship OR are required to take it the first semester of using their Early Start Scholarship. STU 103 may be taken concurrently with other courses or independently. 

The scholarship award pays tuition only for college-level course work leading to an MCC declared degree or certificate. An Early Start Scholarship covers tuition and does not include administrative and course fees. All Early Start Scholarships are subject to Arizona State Residency requirements as outlined in ARS 15-1802. The student is responsible for all other fees (such as books and other supplies required for the course) at the time of registration. Scholarship funds are limited and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The college reserves the right to limit the scholarship at any time if budgetary restrictions should occur.

All students applying for this scholarship must meet with an MCC Staff Member to determine eligibility and approve the award.


  1. Complete the MCC Admissions Process
  2. Schedule and take a Placement Assessment
  3. Meet with an MCC Staff Member who will:
    1. Review assessment scores and determine eligibility
    2. Assist with completion of Early Start Application Form
    3. Help you determine courses and educational goals
  4. MCC Staff Member reviews and approves application and assists student with registration for courses within the degree plan
  5. Register within five days of approval and pay all fees at the time of registration

High school students complete the Early Start Application form online and contact your MCC Student Services Office.

Home schooled students under the age of 17 must submit a copy of the “Affidavit of Intent” on file with their County’s Superintendent of Schools Office, as well as, a letter from the home school provider verifying their grade level to Student Services.

Home schooled students age 17 and older must provide a copy of their transcripts for verifying grade level to Student Services.

GED graduates must submit an unofficial GED transcript OR letter of recognition of completion that they received to an MCC Student Services Office for assistance and approval of Early Start Application.

All Students MUST complete the required MCC admissions forms. Students under the age of 18 must also complete the MCC admission form that requires parental consent to enroll in college classes.



When utilizing the Early Start Scholarship, students must pass STU 103 with a “C” or better to be eligible to use any remaining funds for subsequent coursework. Students are able to take additional courses concurrently with STU 103. 

However, students who do not pass or who withdraw from STU 103 cannot take any additional courses under the Early Start Scholarship until the successful completion of STU 103. Students may use the remaining credits to retake STU 103. Upon successful completion of STU 103 any additional courses they withdrew from or did not pass with a “C” or better can be repeated with the remaining Early Start Scholarship credits.

Early Start scholarship covers 100-level courses and above only.

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