Academic Scholarships

MCC is pleased to offer academic scholarships through funding approved by the Board of Governors. Academic Scholarships at MCC are awarded based on GPA and financial need. Funding is limited. Awards are made to students until funds are exhausted each year.


MCC offers Academic scholarships to new and returning students. To apply, submit a FAFSA. You should file your FAFSA before April 1st. Yearly amounts of scholarships are below.


Scholarship Name

Scholarship Amount

Minimum GPA


Award Length

President’s High Honors



Mohave County High School Graduate

2 years

Campus Dean’s Academic



Mohave County High School Graduate

1 year

Academic Honors



Mohave County High School Graduate

1 year

Resident Faculty



Current MCC student with 20 – 40 credits earned

1 year

Scholarships for High School Graduates
Scholarships are made to Mohave County, AZ high school graduates based on unweighted GPA. Awards are typically made by April 15th. The exact date may change from year to year. Scholarship eligibility is evaluated in the student’s senior year of high school. Scholarship recipients must enroll at MCC no later than the academic year immediately following their high school graduation. Deferments to this time frame will be considered on a case by case basis. When a deferment is requested, the student must submit supporting documentation from the organization with which they’ll be involved during the deferment period. Approval is contingent, in part, upon the availability of funding for the year in which the student will enroll.

Resident Faculty Scholarships
Students are nominated by faculty for Resident Faculty Scholarships. Recipients are selected by a committee of MCC faculty. Beginning in 2018-19, up to 25 scholarships are awarded each year.

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