Types of Aid

Types of Aid

MCC offers a variety of different types of aid for qualified students. Most types of aid require you to submit a FAFSA. When determining your financial aid award, we will always offer you the most beneficial package possible based on your eligibility, offering grants and scholarships before loans.

We strongly encourage our students to take advantage of grant and scholarship aid. These types of aid do not need to be paid back. They lower the cost of your education.

Disbursement of Aid
Most types of aid are paid directly to your student account. MCC makes financial aid disbursements on a weekly basis, beginning as early as one week prior to the start of a semester. More information about how and when funds are disbursed can be found on the page for each type of aid.


MCC does not recommend borrowing to help pay for college. However, we know it may be necessary. If it becomes necessary to borrow through a federal loan program, only borrow the minimum amount needed. Loans are a debt that must be paid back.

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