Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is not just the knowledge and skill set used to manage money effectively; it also effects every aspect of our adult lives! MCC is happy to partner with ECMC Learning to help us all budget for a better future.

ECMC Learning

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  • Understand your income and expenses
  • Create a personal budget
  • Set and achieve financial goals
  • Transition from school to the workplace
  • Manage debt and utilize budgeting tools personalized by you for you and so much more!

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    Featured ECMC Learning opportunities for the month of October 2023 on ECMC Learning:

    One-Week Plan for Building Wealth 
    10/1/23 through 10/8/23

    Starting the process of building long-term wealth doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Let’s review steps you can take right now to grow your nest egg.


    Traveling and Living Abroad 
    10/8/23 through 10/15/23

    What you need to know to make your overseas travel a success.


    The Gotcha Economy 
    10/22/23 through 10/29/23

    Welcome to “The Gotcha Economy” – a world of ever-expanding fees and surcharges designed to extract every last cent from consumers.

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