Kathy Hodel Most Outstanding Student Award

$10,000 will be awarded to one Mohave Community College graduating student each year.

This is a one of a kind award, no other college offers this no strings attached cash award for a graduate. The money may be used as the recipient wants, preferably to pay off student loans or continue their education.

This incredible award is established through an endowment gift provided by Dr. James H. Childe to honor his friend, Kathy Hodel. 

Dr. Childe, a retired attorney and MCC instructor, gave nearly a quarter million dollars to establish this endowment. He chose to use this gift as a way to honor outstanding students and Kathy Hodel for her countless hours and efforts working to help MCC and our local communities. Kathy was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer in 2013. She asks that everyone remember the importance of service before self, and do what you can to help worthy causes in your own community.  

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