Ovis Club

Ovis Club

  • Ovis is a journal of art and literature by members of the MCC community: students, faculty, and staff. Ovis is currently accepting submissions of poetry; short or long form fiction and non-fiction; photography, painting, moving image and other visual arts; music and sound art; and any other creative work made by the MCC community. To submit, visit ovis.mohave.edu.

Ovis Club supports the journal’s mission to foster a culture of creativity, artistic and literary experimentation, and creative discourse in the MCC community while increasing the level of student participation in the journal’s creation. Student members will be involved in the selection of materials, fundraising, event planning, website design, publishing, outreach, and more. In Ovis Club, students have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in editorial decision-making and project management.

Membership in Ovis Club is open to any MCC student enrolled in academic credit classes for the semester. Ovis Club is the first student organization to include Distance Education students by actively utilizing Zoom video conferencing and other online platforms. Club officer positions are open to second-semester students (12+ credit hours). Students who are interested in participating in Ovis Club should email ovis@mohave.edu.

For information on meetings visit ovis.club for dates and times.

Ovis Club Officers 

  • Ovis Club is currently dormant, but there will be a new issue of Ovis in November, 2020.

Faculty Editors

  • John Hansen
  • Trever Holland
  • Joe Ketchum
  • John Kitts
  • Beau Rogers
  • Jennifer Woolston

Student Editors

  • Gabbie Pastor
  • Sterling Silverman


  • Erin Roper

Staff Assistants 

  • Amber Tacey, Writer’s Lunch facilitator 
  • Rochelle Mabry, BHC Liaison 

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