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Bighorn Decoders Computer Club

The Bighorn Decoders Computer Club (BHDCC) was formed for the purpose of creating a forum for all students, faculty and staff interested in furthering their knowledge of advanced computing technologies. This goal will be enhanced by booking outside speakers to present materials at computer club meetings and special events, educational based training sessions provided by members, faculty, and/or the technical community, collaborating on team projects, hands-on application and competition with other computer clubs, empowering students to pursue careers in technological fields and offering assistance in resumé building.

The benefits of becoming a member of this club include opportunities to learn from each other through discussions and an exchange of information, learning to be leaders and team players, networking with other students, gaining professional/social interaction skills, preparing for the transition into career technical fields and making the student’s lives richer and more enjoyable while at MCC. Through social activities, technical and academic help sessions, student mentoring, computer science projects and other activities, students will be prepared to enter the technical field of their choice upon graduation.


  • President: Nicholas Magee
  • Vice President: Robert Lowndes
  • Secretary: TBD
  • Treasurer: TBD
  • SAC Representative: TBD
  • Historian: TBD


All students are invited to attend club meetings, which are held on the first Friday of every month at 12 noon in room 204. Activity meetings are normally held on the third Friday of every month; however, exact dates for these meetings and training sessions will be announced.


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