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Enrollment soars for Community Outreach fun classes on MCC’s North Mohave Campus

Posted on 06.22.09

Community members of all ages are discovering new interests and pursuing favorite hobbies this summer at Mohave Community College, which has revamped its North Mohave Campus summer program with new classes and instructors.

Students have poured in to fill MCC’s Community Outreach courses with an enrollment increase of 82.5 percent over last year.

MCC’s program is designed to help the young and adults access local activities within their budget and to keep community spirit lively. Ballerinas, singers, gymnasts and artists gather on campus to share their interests and forging meaningful connections with other residents, Campus Dean Susan Hammon said. There’s something for everyone, especially for those seeking something new.

Kim Naylor, MCC’s bookstore associate, has been happy to introduce pickleball, a cross between badminton and tennis. Her students range from kids to adults. She said pickleball is popular in surrounding areas but hasn’t caught on yet in Colorado City.

“I’m catching on,” said Ellen Darger, one of Naylor’s students, after three sessions. “It’s definitely fun.”

Amanda Knudson’s daughters are enrolled in Tumble Rumble, ballet, Sunshine Kids, and Fairytale Fancy.

“My kids love it,” Knudson said. “They’re having a blast.”

The nearby Kaibab-Paiute Tribe is car-pooling its children in for such courses.

Mary Horsley, Hammon’s secretary and unofficial campus caterer, is thrilled at the chance to pass her passion for culinary arts to her young pupils. She is giving her aspiring chefs more than just cookie construction lessons. Her course lets them peek behind the curtain, to realize what’s behind the finished product. The class also focuses on safety and technique.

“My students learn it’s not just about the food; it’s about pleasing the guest,” she said. Horsley is also teaching how to create the correct ambience with well-designed place settings and table décor, and she said the entire presentation is necessary to make people comfortable.

Some students are revisiting old hobbies.

Lorie Wyler, a returning yoga student, is elated to have campus clerk Julia Hammon as her yoga instructor.

Wyler is not able to return at her previous skill level as she recently suffered a major spinal injury. Fortunately, Hammon is offering a yoga class specifically for seniors and suited to Wyler’s condition. She has slowly but surely made her way back and says MCC’s yoga class has helped her immensely.

Wyler pointed out that other students in the class are facing daunting challenges as well and she said she believes Hammon is making a real difference in their lives.

The next set of Community Outreach classes will begin in August. For more information, contact the North Mohave Campus in Colorado City at (928) 875-2799.