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FAFSA Assistance

These seven steps will help you complete your FAFSA, which includes grants and loans. Click on the steps for additional information.


Step One

• File your Federal taxes

Step Two

• File your FAFSA
• Helpful FAFSA tips
• How will I know if I need help filling my FAFSA?

Step Three

• Review your student aid report and update for FAFSA if necessary

Step Four

• Use the IRS data retrieval tool (DRT) to update the income information on your FAFSA
• Helpful tips in using the DRT

Step Five

• Complete verification (if selected by the Federal student aid processor)

Step Six

• Accept your financial aid awards and review document requests in NetPartner

Step Seven

• Check NetPartner frequently for updates to verification, your financial aid awards and important dates and announcements

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