Mohave Community College (MCC) and Arizona State University (ASU) have formed a partnership to promote positive and seamless experiences for students transferring from MCC to ASU. The partnership is called the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program, which provides meaningful incentives for students who complete the AGEC (Arizona General Education Curriculum) and an associate of arts, business or science degree before transferring to ASU (see Student Benefits below).

Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

A TAG is an associate’s-to-bachelor’s-degree transfer program. TAGs are an excellent option for Mohave Community College students who have decided on a major area of study, intend to transfer into a particular program at ASU, and will commit to specific terms for TAG completion.  These terms include:

  • Working with an MCC and ASU advisor to monitor progress throughout the TAG
  • Completing the TAG with a specified GPA and any special requirements
  • Completing the TAG in a period not to exceed three years
  • Agreeing that student academic data and advising information may be shared between Mohave Community College and Arizona State University

Student Benefits

  • Guaranteed admission to ASU degree programs when a TAG is completed
  • Eligibility for the ASU Tuition Commitment which provides predetermined limits on tuition increases during enrollment at ASU
  • Access to advising and other pre-enrollment services by phone and occasionally in person
  • Students may be eligible for financial awards
  • Cost effective pathway ensuring all courses transfer and apply to an ASU degree

For additional information, you can also visit ASU Transfer page or for MCC specific visit

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