GPA Information

GPA Information

GPA Calculations

GPA (Grade Point Average) is a number that represents the average value of grades students earn in their courses. The current earned semester and cumulative GPA is always accessible on a student’s transcript. If you wish to calculate your GPA, then you would need both the number of credits you have taken and the number of quality points you have received. Quality points are points rewarded for the grades received for courses with earned credit.

Zero-level developmental courses and courses from which a student withdraws does not count towards the GPA calculation. Below is a table of the points one receives for each grade.

Grade Quality Points
A 4.00 per credit
B 3.00 per credit
C 2.00 per credit
D 1.00 per credit
F 0.00 per credit

For example, if you have 25 earned credits and 91 quality points, you would take 91/25. This would give you a cumulative GPA of 3.64. Once you have added up the amount of credits earned and the quality points you have received, take the amount of quality points and divide it by the number of credits earned.

Academic Probation/Dismissal

Academic Probation is a standing a student receives when they have earned less than a cumulative 2.0 GPA. When on academic probation, a student is limited to a course load of 10 credit hours per full (fall/spring) semester and 6 credit hours per summer semester. A student must earn a minimum 2.0 GPA each following semester to maintain their probation status. Once they have brought their cumulative GPA to a 2.0 or higher, they will be taken off academic probation. If a student earns less than a 2.0 GPA in a semester while on academic probation, they will be placed on Academic Dismissal. A student on academic dismissal will not be able to enroll in courses in the following full semester. Once that semester has passed, the student must follow the Readmission for Academically Dismissed Students process if they wish to reapply at Mohave Community College. Students using VA benefits and/or Federal Student Aid may have their eligibility affected if they are on academic probation or dismissal.

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