Degree Declarations

Degree Declarations

Degree declarations are forms that are signed by both a student and an advisor which allows a program(s) of study to be selected. It specifies classes from the current catalog year that designates a path to earn credentials in the chosen program. Degree declarations can be printed from our student forms page.

New degree declarations can be submitted to add or change programs of study for a semester/term. The programs that a student is declared in can only be changed once per term. Changes or additions to a student’s program of study are only processed between terms for those currently enrolled in an ongoing term.

The completed degree declaration may be submitted to student services on any MCC campus or emailed directly to for an academic advisor to review and sign. Be sure that the program intent, intended semester start, student signature, and student date signed fields are all filled in. Incomplete forms will be returned.

Please Note: If you are a financial aid applicant or applying for veteran education benefits, it is imperative to have a current degree declaration on file as it is a requirement for eligibility.

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