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What’s New for 2018-2019!

New bookstore for MCC

MCC has partnered with Ambassador Education Solutions to provide the best value and highest customer service.

Your Mohave Bookstore is up and running. Once you open the page click on the price report icon to find the price for each book. 

Accuplacer Updates for Fall 2018-2019

  • No longer using My Math Test to retest for math. 
  • Sophomore English Placement (see Testing Placement Guide on right hand-side of page under Counselor Resources).

Seafile replaces Box.com

No need to bring documents to campus or to the high school. The student will be sent a secure link. The students can take a photo of the documentation and submit using the secure link, the upload link works on smart devices.

New Admission Application 

How to Apply

New Under 18 form 

Under 18 Form

New FERPA form now online at jics.mohave.edu

Once the student is logged in the FERPA form is located on the left-hand side of the page under Quick Links, FERPA Release.

Check out our updated MCC Scholarships Page

Academic Scholarships
Early Start Scholarships

Catalog for 2018-2019 Link

MCC Catalog 2018-2019

How to:

Add – How to Add a Course

Withdraw (check the Academic Calendar for withdrawal dates) – How to Withdraw 

Drop (check the Academic Calendar for drop dates) – How to Drop a Course

Special Circumstances Drop – 

In special circumstances, students may request to be dropped from all courses. If you have a student that must drop all classes due to a special circumstance, please have the student meet with the Admission Specialist to discuss and complete the request form.

If you need additional information please contact an Admissions Specialist or MCC Connect at 1.866.664.2832.

Have a great year!