MCC partners with many area high schools and WAVE/JTED to offer concurrent classes in which the students earn college credits towards a certificate or degree. WAVE JTED is a third-party that assists students with their academic and career goals by covering tuition, fees, course fees and books. It is a great way for students to explore their opportunities while still in high school.
To apply for an MCC course(s) covered by WAVE JTED you must:

  1. Complete the Mohave Community College Admissions Application apply.mohave.edu
  2. Obtain a copy of the WAVE JTED application by contacting your high school counselor or MCC High School Recruiter
    1. Note: All students must have parent signature on application and high school guidance counselor approval
  3. Meet with your MCC High School Recruiter or MCC Academic Advisor to review to determine course placement.
  4. Once placement is determined you will work with your MCC High School Recruiter to register for classes.
  5. Sign-up and attend WAVE JTED Orientation


Is WAVE JTED considered concurrent enrollment?

Yes, students who take courses outside of their high school day, on their own time are considered concurrently enrolled, regardless of payment method. 

Who can participate in WAVE JTED?

Arizona residents can participate in WAVE JTED covered courses. Students can start as early as their Sophomore year of high school. 

Can I participate in WAVE while earning my GED?

Yes, please visit the contact page to find your WAVE JTED coordinator for in depth information. 

Can I participate in WAVE as a Home School Student?

Yes, home school students can participate and must be an Arizona resident

Do I have to pay for WAVE JTED classes?

Please contact your WAVE JTED coordinator for in cost breakdown information about what is covered.  

Do I have to attend WAVE JTED Orientation?

Yes, WAVE JTED Orientation is required for all new students to provide them with the necessary information, resources and advising assistance to help high school students kick off their college adventure. You will meet with Faculty to learn more about your program and ask questions before your class(es) start. 

What happens if I am unsuccessful in a WAVE JTED covered course?

Decisions will be made on a case by case basis and will be determined by WAVE Administration. Your participation may be adversely impacted if you are not successful in your college level courses. Please contact your WAVE JTED coordinator for more information.


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