Curriculum and Articulation

2021-2022 Curriculum Submission Due Dates

For items to be placed on the CASA meeting agenda, they must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting to complete non-instructional and curriculum reviews.

Note: Due to the review process via the ACRES routing chain, items submitted by the due date are not guaranteed to be placed on the next scheduled CASA agenda.

For all program, course package, and certificate modifications, updates, and retirements and all new programs, courses, and certificates, et. al. to be considered for inclusion in the next academic year’s catalog, submissions must be on the March agenda or prior.

Curriculum, Academic Standards, Assessment Committee (CASA)

Purpose: The committee is an inter-disciplinary instructional (curricular) group, in consultation with the non-instructional (co-curricular) group, charged with reviewing, evaluating, and making recommendations to the President’s Cabinet. The group is also charged with providing guidance and assistance with assessment. The committee is responsible for tracking progress and completion of academic program review. The CASA conducts its work under the auspices of the college President and within college Policies and Procedures.

Course Packages by Prefix

For example: To view the course package for English 101, click on D-G, then click on ENG 101.

The spreadsheets include the relevant dates (e.g., date renewed, next renewal date) associated with each course. Each course package link provides the course design including course student learning outcomes, competencies, and outline. Please note some course packages may contain dated textbook and software information. For the most current textbook and software application information, please access JICS/ExWeb.

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Articulation Task Force Information

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