Curriculum and Articulation

2018-19 Curriculum Submission Due Dates

Transfer program modifications and associated course package updates must be submitted by Novemeber 1, 2017 to be considered for the December CASA. Terminal degree, new and modifications, all certificate new and modifications, and associated course package updates must be submitted by February 1, 2018 to be considered for the March CASA.

Course package submissions must reach the CASA level of review by the Friday prior to the scheduled CASA meetings to ensure the course package will make it on the agenda.

Note: Due to the review process via the ACRES routing chain, submissions submitted even by the due date, does not guarantee placement on the next scheduled CASA agenda.

Curriculum, Academic Standards, Assessment Committee (CASA)

Purpose: The Mohave Community College’s Curriculum Committee reviews and recommends curriculum that supports the mission, purposes, and values of the college. The goal of the Curriculum Committee is to ensure the quality, coherence, and coordination of college-wide curriculum.

Course Packages by Prefix

For example: To view the course package for English 101, click on D-G, then click on ENG 101.

The spreadsheets include the relevant dates (e.g., date renewed, next renewal date) associated with each course. Each course package link provides the course design (e.g., goals, competencies, objectives, and the technical components). Please note some course packages may contain dated textbook and software information. For the most current textbook and software application information, please access JICS/ExWeb and/or contact or visit your local campus bookstore. The campus bookstore may be contacted by calling MCC Connect at 866.664.2832.

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