Mission Statement

As part of MCC’s Office of Instruction, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) serves as a resource for professional development in teaching. CELT’s role is chiefly supportive and its programs are designed to complement professional development within academic disciplines. Consequently, CELT seminars, workshops, and resources focus on elements of effective teaching common to and applicable in all disciplines. CELT strongly supports and encourages innovative teaching methodologies that integrate technology in order to foster an active and engaged learning environment.

CELT Available Equipment

CELT offers faculty the use of several devices to enhance teaching and learning. Available devices include tablets, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, recording devices, video equipment and audio equipment. To request and check out any of these devices contact Don Weide.

Professional Development

The CELT department provides monthly training opportunities via web-conferencing software, in person training on each campus and through appointment. To find out about upcoming training sessions or if you would like to know more, contact Don Weide. To request a training, please contact any of the CELT team members listed under the contact information area of this site.

CELT also provides professional development through several subscription sites. For login information for any these sites, contact Don Weide. A few of our professional development subscription sites include: