Office of Instruction

Welcome to the Office of Instruction at Mohave Community College. This office serves the mission of Mohave Community College by developing learning-centered courses that serve all constituencies and inspires excellence through innovative learning methodologies. Our goal is to empower students to succeed not only in the classroom but also in the global community.

The Office of Instruction believes that student success begins with a well-developed curriculum that leads to a degree or certificate in a program of study. As part of our learning-centered philosophy, we continually assess student learning, support faculty development, and assess student learning, looking for improvement in teaching and learning.

Our efforts to serve all of our constituencies extend beyond the college campus classroom. The Office of Instruction works with local schools to support the transition to college and provide opportunities for career exploration. As the county’s college, we invite members of the community to visit our campuses, utilize the libraries, share their ideas for future programs through our advisory groups, attend public functions, and assist us in supporting students as the needs of our community change.

Please let us know how we can best serve our students and community. We welcome your ideas and comments.

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