Educational Development

Educational Development

What is Educational Development?  

Educational development is a growing field in higher education that focuses on enhancing the work of colleges as it relates to teaching and learning. At MCC, the mission of educational developers is to work collaboratively with college personnel to improve the quality of education through the development of educational knowledge and educational practices. Developers strive to accomplish this mission by implementing a holistic orientation towards instructional development, professional development, and organizational effectiveness which support faculty and student success. 

Instructional & Organizational Development 

The scope of practice for educational developers is broad and diverse. In addition to designing instructional improvement activities for faculty development, developers work broadly across diverse internal and external groups and organizations to enhance the scholarship of teaching and learning. As sources of expertise in teaching, student learning and development, sound course design, and change management to name a few, educational developers work with various constituents to meet the academic and organizational needs of the institution. Educational developers can provide support in several areas including, but not limited to:  

  • Effective course design,
  • Identifying alternative instructional methods, 
  • Implementing emerging teaching and learning technologies, and 
  • Creating student-facing materials. 

The role of the developer is successful due to the meaningful relationships that are built and maintained with all college personnel, which help create conditions that advance teaching and learning. Thus, educational developers are prepared to work collaboratively with subject matter experts or instructional divisions to design courses or implement instructional strategies that optimize student learning and enhance student engagement.  


To support and meet the unique needs of all individuals, faculty, and department teams are encouraged to schedule one-on-one or small-group consultations. Educational developers can assist by:  

  • Engaging in needs assessments;  
  • Designing and developing strategies that promote individual, pedagogical, and organizational growth;  
  • Planning and delivering professional presentations;  
  • Designing student-facing materials or resources; and 
  • Reviewing research about teaching and learning. 

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