Curriculum & Assessment

Curriculum & Assessment

At the core of MCC’s assessment of student learning is an emphasis on the assessment of course-embedded assignments. MCC recognizes the professional expertise of the individual faculty, whose experience in grading work is the foundational assessment act. The faculties have created more intentional, reflective, and specific criteria for measuring student performance on a particular assignment. The faculties have created rubrics that specify levels of performance across various criteria to score student work across sections, and then to analyze the distribution of scores to discover patterns of strengths and weaknesses in student performance. The faculties engage in discussion of the findings which lead to suggestions on improving teaching methods, assignments, course design, integrations of technologies, etc. to improve student learning. The student artifact can be any assignment already embedded within a course that can be scored using the rubric.

Faculty work in developing assessment of student learning plans using embedded assignments has prepared the foundation for a comprehensive college-wide plan for studying student learning. MCC has developed a college-wide plan aimed at studying student learning in academics and support services areas of the college such as Student Services, Financial Aid, etc. Information gathered from across the college units will provide the basis for connecting the college’s mission, strategic plan, and future budgeting efforts.

Assessment Projects

Mohave Community College is committed to inspiring excellence by providing students with the best possible learning experiences to support their educational and career goals. In support of this commitment, we regularly gather and evaluate evidence of student learning. This evidence also demonstrates the quality of our programs and courses to future students, accrediting bodies, and others.

For a copy of archived assessment reports, please contact the Office of Instruction.

Additional Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness

In addition to assessment of student learning, MCC uses a variety of other measures of institutional effectiveness.

MCC participates in the Arizona Community Colleges: Long-Term Strategic Vision.

MCC participated in CCSSE (Community College Survey of Student Engagement) in 2010 and 2012. CCSSE is a survey that measures student engagement in community colleges across the country.

2021-2022 Curriculum Submission Due Dates

For items to be placed on the CASAA meeting agenda, they must be submitted in ACRES as outlined below on the calendar to allow time for non-instructional and curriculum reviews.

Note: Due to the review process via the ACRES routing chain, items submitted by the due date are not guaranteed to be placed on the next scheduled CASAA agenda.

For significant program, certificate, and course modifications, as well as new and retired programs, certificates, and courses, to be considered for inclusion in the next academic year’s catalog, forms must be submitted in ACRES three weeks prior to the February CASAA.

CASAA Deadlines and Dates 2021-2022

Curriculum, Academic Standards, Articulation & Assessment Committee (CASAA)

Purpose: The committee is an interdisciplinary instructional (curricular) group, in consultation with the non-instructional (co-curricular) group, charged with reviewing, evaluating, and making recommendations to the President’s Cabinet. The group is also charged with providing guidance and assistance with assessment. The committee is responsible for tracking progress and completion of academic program reviews. The CASA conducts its work under the auspices of the college President and within college Policies and Procedures.

Committee Proceedings

Course Packages by Prefix

For example: To view the course package for English 101, click on D-E, then click on ENG 101.

The spreadsheets include the relevant dates (e.g., date renewed, next renewal date) associated with each course. Each course package link provides the course design including course student learning outcomes, competencies, and outline. Please note some course packages may contain dated textbook and software information. For the most current textbook and software application information, please access JICS/ExWeb.







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