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Welcome to the Center for Teaching and Learning at Mohave Community College. The center’s mission is to promote evidence-based instructional practices that advance learning and professional development. We work collaboratively across the college to develop and sustain a culture that values learning and learner-centered instruction, acknowledges the diversity of learners, and creates learning environments where all can achieve. Through collaboration, hands-on training, and individualized support, the Center furthers the College’s mission to empower students to succeed through innovative pathways and quality education. 

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CTL Faculty Spotlight – Ann King

Ann King being honored.

Ann King, Arts & Visual Communications Faculty at the Kingman Campus (NCK), was recently honored by the Kingman Women Making History Committee at the 40th Annual Kingman Women Making History awards ceremony for her sustaining contributions to the Kingman area. Furthermore, Ann was honored during the March 12th President’s Cabinet meeting for going “above and beyond” in her service to MCC, our students, and the community.

In Ann’s 13 years with MCC, she has strived to put students first and to highlight their achievements. She is celebrating 10 years as the faculty advisor for the Kingman Students’ Arts Club, where they often host student art shows to help students’ art work be seen. At the Kingman Women Making History awards ceremony, King said to the attendees, “I wanted what the students were doing to be seen by the community. I began having pop-up art shows – at delis, at coffee shops, at photo studios, whoever would allow the students in to show their work… It’s the joy of art, and I absolutely love what I do.” If you’d like to support student art work, the Kingman Arts Club is hosting a student art show on April 5th at the Beale Street Center in Kingman.

March is National Women’s History Month and the Kingman Women Making History organization add that “National Women’s History Month focuses on the rich and inspiring heritage of women’s contributions in the United States and sets aside a special time each year to recognize and celebrate the lives of countless women of all races, ages, cultures, ethnic traditions, religious faiths, and ways of life.” They go on to say that they “hold an annual ceremony to honor women in our community who have made a sustaining contribution to the Kingman area.”

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