College-Prep Courses

NOTICE: COVID-19 Update (June 30, 2020). Due to continued COVID-19 limitations of “no face-to-face” contact, we have developed a routine for “distance” completion of required enrollment processes to get students enrolled in our online Fall PCS Classes starting in August.

Please contact Dennis LeForce at or 928-692-3089. Be sure to include an email and phone number. He will contact you at his earliest opportunity, ask you a few strategic questions and work with you to complete the MCC admission process and get you enrolled in fall 2020 PCS classes.

We anticipate returning to face-to-face PCS/ELA orientations s

ometime in Spring 2021 when face-to-face instruction is possible.

Thanks for your patience during these complicated times.

Do you need a refresher in basic education courses? MCC can help you prepare for college classwork.

Did life interfere with your education and you didn’t receive a high school diploma? MCC can help you earn your high school equivalency diploma (GED).

Do you need to Learn English or improve English skills? MCC can help. English Language Acquisition, also known as English as a Second Language, is available for non-English speakers, no matter what their native language.

Our team can help you get your GED. General Education Development preparation classes are offered at each campus to students 16 years and older who are not enrolled in high school. Contact our team for more information.

MCC offers Pre-College Studies classes in reading, writing, math, and GED preparation to help you reach your educational goals. Prior to enrolling in these classes, students are required to attend an orientation. There is no charge for the orientation or classes offered through our department.

For more information, contact your local campus. Click the button below for the schedule of Pre-College Studies and English Language Acquisition classes.

Pre-College Studies Schedules

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