Truck Driving

MCC has partnered with the Phoenix Truck Driving School to get you trained and get you hired! If you want to make a good living and love the open road, then the Truck Driving School is for you. Sign up for this new course that will prepare you to get your CDL in just four weeks!  

  • We assist you in getting endorsements for: Doubles, Triples, Tankers and HAZMAT.
  • You spend 40 hours in a classroom, get your permit, and then the rest of your time is training on the range or on the road.
  • We don’t use simulators, we use real trucks ALL THE TIME!
  • We offer job placement to all students and graduates. We will help start the job application process while you are in school so you can hit the road shortly after graduation.
  • We have local, regional, dedicated and over the road jobs available. If you have a bad background, let us know. We will still try and help.
  • There are financial assistance options available for those who qualify and we can advise you on the different funding sources available to you.
  • We have an interactive range with observation from both sides. This develops the confidence necessary to become a competent CDL driver.
  • We ONLY offer training for an unrestricted Class A commercial driver license. Opportunities for truck drivers who have a restricted license are limited. An E restriction (no manual transmission) will affect your employment opportunities. Companies with opportunities for drivers with an E restriction are limited.

Schedules: Full time (Anticipate starting on or before 9/1/2020)

Monday-Friday – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, 4 weeks to complete                                                                      

Contact the Phoenix Truck Driving School today at 888-208-0488!

To speak with a MCC representative about their partnership with the Phoenix Truck Driving School, please contact the MCC Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department at 928-704-9435 or

Picture of man driving truck


When should I take this course

One month before you plan to take the test to obtain your CDL.

What will the class offer me

It will offer you the training to be a Class A CDL driver.

Are there going to be day and night class

The driving and range days will be during the day, for the most part.

Are there payment options for tuition?

The Phoenix Truck Driving Institute has options available.  Contact them at  (888) 208-0488

Students who wish to apply must possess a valid driver’s license. Students wishing to drive across state lines must be 21 years of age or older. Passing a state-approved physical exam will be required prior to employment. For further information regarding the health demands of the industry, refer to the following links:
 Federal Regulations:


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