Substance Abuse Counseling

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The AA in Substance Abuse Counseling prepares you to help people with job readiness knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be successful in the helping professions. Acquire paraprofessional competencies applicable to the substance abuse treatment field and many other behavioral health professions. Learn about theories as they apply to working with clients, skills needed to apply the theories, and cultivate an understanding of how substance use disorders develop in individuals as well as how treatment is designed to meet their individual needs. This degree is especially useful for those wanting to work in the field of substance abuse or mental health treatment as soon as possible.

The AA in Substance Abuse Counseling also serves as a solid foundation for those wanting to go directly to a bachelor’s degree before working in the field. Stand above the competition when applying for behavioral jobs by having a solid foundation in substance abuse knowledge, for, as you will learn, there is a large co-occurring disorder rate and those with knowledge of substance abuse are highly sought after in behavioral health.

Substance Abuse Counseling courses are competency-based in a self-paced environment. Working one-on-one with the instructor each course must be completed within the semester and may be completed sooner for those who can work through the material at a quicker pace. Courses are offered sequentially and the instructor will facilitate your transition from one course to another. All work requires students to earn 80% or higher to ensure competency or mastery is achieved. The development of a good working relationship with the instructor is necessary in this competency based program, as regular contact is required throughout the duration of your course work to facilitate your successful completion.


MCC’s Substance Abuse Counseling school among few in country honored with top national accreditation


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