The Paralegal program prepares students for career fields offering above-average income, job availability and working conditions.

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Paralegals work under the supervision of an attorney and can assist the attorney in many of the functions they perform, with the exceptions of representing clients in court and giving legal advice. Job opportunities vary. Paralegals may function as an integral part of a law firm, or they may become a court clerk, government employee, title examiner, trust officer, contract clerk, legal investigator or law firm administrator.  In Paralegal courses, students will conduct extensive research through various online sources and write in-depth reports and memoranda, that meet legal standards. Students should have a strong grasp of the English language, as well as strong written communication skills. 

MCC offers an associate of applied science paralegal degree and a paralegal certificate.

  • The Associate of Applied Science Paralegal degree is 62-63 credit hours and can fully prepare students for entry into the paralegal profession in the positions listed above any many more. Learn how to conduct legal research, master legal writing skills and learn the ethical rules for members of the legal community.
  • The Certificate Program prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the paralegal profession. It will allow students to learn the following: the ethical rules for members of the legal community; how to conduct legal research and basic legal writing skills; how to interpret legal documents; how to interpret case law; how to investigate the facts of a case; how to prepare a case for trial; how to analyze and handle procedural problems; and an overview of law from core courses. These skills may be used to become a paralegal, title examiner, trust officer, contract clerk, legal investigator or law firm administrator, or as a foundation for further legal education including later enrollment in law school. Successful completion of this program will also qualify students to sit for the Arizona Legal Document Preparer Examination.

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