Healthcare Information Technician

Healthcare Information Technician

There is an exciting new way for you to apply your interest in Computer Information Systems in the high-demand health care field. 

Technician at computer

The Healthcare Information Technicians degree program blends instruction in computer technology and medical records retention to prepare students for this high-demand career.

Healthcare Information Technicians electronically record and manage patient health information. They code and categorize patient records for reimbursement, for databases and registries, and to maintain patients’ medical and treatment histories.

The federal government has mandated that all medical records be retained in electronic format with penalties for non-compliance beginning in 2015. This mandate will mean an increase in jobs for individuals skilled in computer operations and medical records maintenance.

Combine your interest in Computer Information Systems with Medical Assisting courses that include medical terminology, medical law and ethics, medical billing and coding, and anatomy and physiology. Find out more today by clicking the link above.

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