The Associate of Arts in English prepares the student for transfer to a university Bachelor of Arts degree in English. This program includes studies in both literature and writing. Students wishing to transfer to four-year institutions will have the academic foundations applicable to various fields such as journalism, creative writing, communications, education, and literature studies. 

English includes developmental, composition, and literature courses. Developmental classes support students’ growth by preparing them for composition classes as well as other writing-intensive college classes through more direct emphasis on basic writing skills and orientation to rhetorical contexts. Composition courses help students develop the writing skills that will aid them in college, in the workplace, and in their personal lives. Composition courses teach the necessity of being able to understand how writing functions in different situations and the importance of establishing a writing process that will help writers create effective documents for a variety of purposes. Literature courses help students develop the reading and analytical skills that can serve as a foundation for a variety of careers, allow students to learn about a variety of cultures and traditions, and encourage students to establish an appreciation of reading that can enrich their lives.

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