Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

A career in the culinary industry awaits!! MCC’s revamped culinary program focuses on kitchen readiness and career employment with an emphasis on Southwest and Indigenous Fusion cooking techniques. The Associate of Applied Science degree in Culinary Arts Management and stackable certificates provide exit points for students desiring swift entry into the industry.

Student Testimonial

“I’ve been working in the industry for a couple of years so this is getting me that step forward of where I want to go next,” said Amy Redick, MCC Culinary Arts student.

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MCC offers these options:

  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Culinary Arts Management – Mohave Community College’s Culinary Arts Management program supports the rich and diverse food and restaurant industry by addressing not only food preparation, but also budgeting, customer service, food storage and sustainability, food presentation, purchasing, sanitation and safety. Successfully completing the degree is the first step to becoming a restauranteur, food truck operator, kitchen manager, executive chef or food service administrator.

Students seeking a more direct path into employment can select one or more of the stackable certificates:

  • Certificate in Baking and Pastry- MCC’s Baking and Pastry Certificate program prepares students for a variety of career paths in this highly-desired and specialized field. The Baking Certificate provides students a solid foundational knowledge in the areas of artesian breads, pastries, and specialty desserts that will prepare them for entry- and mid-level jobs.
  • Certificate in Culinary Arts – This certificate addresses not only food preparation but also budgeting, customer service, food storage and sustainability, food presentation, purchasing, sanitation and safety.
  • Certificate in Food Management – This certificate addresses budgeting, customer service, food storage sustainability, purchasing, receiving, sanitation and safety. This certificates also provides a path into food service management by training in entry-level through intermediate culinary business skills.
  • Certificate in Food Preparation – This certificate addresses not only food preparation but also food storage and sustainability, food presentation, purchasing, and sanitation and safety.
Culinary classes offered as part of the degree and certificate programs include but are not limited to:
  • 111- Fundamentals of Culinary Arts
  • 121- Fundamentals of the Pantry
  • 131- Fundamentals of Sauce
  • 141- Fundamentals of Butchery
  • 215- Art of Bread
  • 216- Art of Pastry
  • 217- Art of Confections
  • 220- Culinary Nutrition
  • 230- Preservation Techniques
  • 240- Culinary Business Practices
  • 248- Culinary Capstone
  • 250- Indigenous Fusion I
  • 251- Indigenous Fusion II
  • 255- Modern Gastronomy
  • 270- Restaurant Practicum (in-development)
  • 280- Culinary Externship

Meet with an advisor or culinary instructor to determine which of these courses are required for your chosen degree or certificate.

Culinary coursework is Competency-Based Education (CBE) and students must receive a “B” grade or better to advance to the next course or receive the certificate a student has declared in the degree declaration process. The CBE Academic Advisor will assist throughout the enrollment process once a student has met with the instructor and been accepted to the program. To get in touch with the CBE Academic Advisor, please contact Lisa Barnes at or 928-757-0845.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there job assistance?

Yes, MCC will assist you in job/career placement as part of the Culinary Externship.

What days of the week are classes held?

Classes are held Monday- Thursday with Open Lab on Friday.

How long does it take to complete the Culinary Art certificates and degree?

Certificates can be earned in as little as one year. The AAS degree can be completed in two years with a summer externship.

Current MCC students already enrolled in the Culinary program have the option continue in the old program via independent study.

MCC’s retired program degree and certificate options:

  • This 61 credit hour program is intended to give the serious culinary student the opportunity to learn the theory and practical applications of sanitation, business management and cooking techniques with the combination of classroom and hands-on experience to advance in the culinary field.
  • Certificate in Culinary and Hospitality Management – The Certificate in Culinary and Hospitality Management program is accelerated to offer serious, motivated Culinary Arts students the opportunity to complete the certificate program in 46 credit hours.
  • This new certificate is available as a stand-alone certificate and consists of 26 credit hour

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