Resources & Guides

Resources & Guides

Here are a variety of resources that you will find are invaluable when starting or growing your business!

Starting a Business

Start Up Checklist
Pre-Venture Assessment
Planning Your Start Up
12 Steps to Starting Your Own Small Business
Fill in the Blanks Feasibility Worksheet

Writing a Business Plan

How To Write a Business Plan Guide
Fill in the Blanks Business Plan Outline
Business Plan Guidelines
Business Plan Outline – descriptive
Business Plan Financial Worksheets

Developing a Marketing Plan

Marketing Guide
Marketing Plan Outline

Financial Toolkit*

Historical Trends & Projections
Input Worksheet
Startup Projection Workbook
Spreadsheet Analysis Program Instruction Workbook
Valuation Spreadsheet

*Requires MS Excel to access

“Free” Grants?

Warning from the FTC
Warning from the BBB


Asset Liquidation
Buying and Selling a Business Guide
Corporate Turnaround Guide
Small Business Financing Realities
Sources of Capital
Trademarks 101

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