Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates & Virtual Events

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates & Virtual Events

Welcome Back to Spring Semester!

Spring & Summer Semester Enrollment Window is Open  

For the first time, MCC students are able to sign up for spring and summer classes at the same time.  Classes will be offered on campus, online and live remote. Get started by applying for FREE at  Current MCC students should contact their advisor if they have questions about the enrollment process.

Student Services employees are on campus to assist students and the public.  You can also chat online with an MCC Connect Representative here on or call 866-MOHAVECC, or 866-664-2832, for assistance.  

If you feel ill or come in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID, please follow these updated Return to Work-School Guidelines.  

Vaccine Information

Vaccines are available in Mohave County, but as of July 29, 2021 Embry Health moved off the MCC campuses to other locations Kingman, Bullhead City and Havasu.  You can find a list of all the Mohave County Free Vaccine Locations here.  More information, including vaccine locations that are not operated by Embry Health, is available at the Mohave County Coronavirus Response Hub. 

MCC Follows CDC Guidance On All Campuses

The college is following CDC updated guidance.  When entering buildings on campus everyone is strongly encouraged to wear a face covering.  Those who are not vaccinated should wear a face covering and social distance, and you are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated.  All Mohave Community College campuses will follow this guidance.  

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Welcome Back to Fall Semester


Return to the Workplace Guidebook

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Cleaning Procedures Video



Remote, Online & On Campus Labs

The college is offering several learning modalities for students during the pandemic. Following all healthy and safety protocols, many classes will be held remotely – an innovative learning environment that is different from online classes.  Please watch the video for more information:

Wear mask over nose and face

MCC Pandemic Plan Outline for Return to Campus



  1. Opening our campuses to some labs/required face-to-face instruction to assist students and their completion of spring and summer course work.  This will be done in a manner as outlined by the CDC and OSHA, which includes all social distancing, cleaning standards, and mask-wearing protocols.

    When on MCC campuses face coverings must cover your nose and mouth when: 

    • You are inside and working with one or more people in a common room – classroom setting, office, etc. 
    • You are outside working in close proximity to other people. 

    When on MCC campuses you can remove the mask when:

    • You are inside and working alone in your office or classroom – when a door can be closed. 
    • You are outside and working/walking alone. 

  2. LIMITED faculty (labs), facilities personnel, and some staff will be allowed on campuses.

  3. All buildings will remain closed except for those hosting labs or other required face-to-face coursework as decided by MCC Instruction.  No public access. 

  4. No events on campuses.

  5. All summer courses online except for labs as identified in #1 and #2 above.

  6. All other current protocols regarding work from home, sick leave, PTO, etc. will remain in place.

Phase 2

Date – Oct 19 (If AZ Health Dept. recommended case numbers are met)

Phase Two- Limited Campus Presence

Mohave Community College is offering remote learning opportunities with CTE, Health Professions, and Chemistry lab activities on each of the campuses.

Safeguarding Employees and Students by:

  1. Social distancing by limiting group sizes to ten.
  2. Following all guidelines from CDC regarding washing hands, using sanitizers, limit touching your face, cleaning frequently touch surfaces, etc. 
  3. Employees are asked to self-screen for symptoms of illness before coming to campus. The CDC Self-Checker can provide guidance in assessing symptoms. Please do not to come to campus if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.
  4. Requiring all staff and students to wear masks covering the nose and mouth.

When to wear nose and mouth covering/masks:

  • While inside any campus building 
  • While outside when working close to one or more other people.  (Facilities staff mostly, but there are times when a student/faculty member may be outside, or two staff members walk together to another building)

When it is permissible NOT to wear nose and mouth covering/masks:

  • While inside and working alone in your office or space that is not shared or to be utilized by others* and when a door is closed.  Coronavirus can remain viable for up to 72 hours on some surfaces (
  • While outside and working /walking alone. 

Masks will be provided to employees upon request with spare masks provided to students if they do not have one. An employee or student can wear their own nose and mouth covering if they wish. 

Student Services areas to reopen

  1. Student services-Front desk areas staffed by four student services staff members that rotate on-campus work hours
  2. Limited time open
  3. Strict protocols in place conforming with CDC guidelines.

The Student Services areas will be open from 10-4 Monday thru Friday with a skeleton crew.

Student may walk-in to make inquiries of the Student Services Technician (SST). Advising, financial aid assistance, Student Success Center activities and interactions will continue remotely. The Student Services areas will be set up to receive clients following CDC protocols with one-way traffic flows. Additionally, visitors and students who have not completed the Acknowledgment and Waiver of Liability will be required to do so at the entrance by an employee monitoring the area.

Deans of Student and Community Engagement and their Administrative Assistant will also be on campus at the beginning of Phase Two.

With the enactment of these protocols, we should attempt to approach and enforce in the best way possible – polite, kind, listen, share the correct information, understand the why, and seek resolution.  Be nice.  If there are behaviors that bring issues/concerns, please address it using MCC standard procedures.


  1. Opening our campuses in a limited format.  Some buildings for public/student contact.  Buildings with labs will be open. 

  2. Some staff scheduled to begin on-campus work – decided by managers/leads. 

  3. Follow all CDC and OSHA guidelines – shields, masks, etc. 

  4. Social distancing in all open facilities – physical layout changed to best ensure distancing.

  5. NO more than 10 allowed to gather. 

  6. Other Phase 2 items as outlined in the plan.

Phase 3

Target Date – Possibly Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 (If AZ Health Dept. recommended case numbers are met)

Enter this phase when the level of mitigation by level of community transmission and characteristics is a the minimal to moderate community transmission level per the CDC.

During Phase Three, College workforce that provides direct services to the students (excluding employees who have been authorized or directed to continue to work from home) will be returned to campus to resume on campus services including advising, library, and student success services. All guidelines and requirements continue to apply and must be implemented by division/departments/units.

Phase Three may also include:

Resuming on-ground classes with the implementation of social distances through hybridization and staggered class sessions as directed by the Dean of Instruction.

Modifications to student life activities and campus events to prevent large group gatherings.

Other employees continue to work as remotely as possible.

During Phase Three, the College will continue to mandate risk mitigation interventions to reduce the number of infections including social distancing, mask wearing (outside of your personal, closed door office), contact tracing, and limiting the influx of new infections from outside the campus by limiting public access and a reduction in “open hours.” The College will not conduct meetings or events on campus that exceed the group size limit of 10

Phase Four

Testing and/or vaccine widely available. Community spread near zero.

Employee vaccinations- available and administered.

Return to normal operations



CDC Guidelines

OSHA Guidelines

The MCC Pandemic Response Committee and others will continually meet to analyze the current situation, including:

  1. Continue to monitor case trends, peak projections, state order, and national guidelines. 
  2. Work to establish and implement plans regarding Phase 1.
  3. Communication plan established – signage requirements, press release, messages to employees and students, etc.
  4. PPE purchases for each campus – prep for Phase 2.
  5. Review all CDC cleaning standards and provide consistent training for all facilities staff, especially as we move toward Phase 2.
  6. Physical spaces adjusted.
  7. Mask requirements.
  8. Possible self-screening recommendations for students/employees. 
  9. Determine campus spaces to be open and at what times. 
  10. Other recommendations the committee deems necessary.

Helpful Links to federal, state and local health experts:

Arizona Department of Health Services

Centers for Disease Control

Mohave County Department of Public Health

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

World Health Organization


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