Improving Lives, Improving Communities (Under Construction)

Mohave Community College brings many significant positive benefits to Mohave County, and since 1971 has helped 61,000 residents earn more than 100,000 associate degrees and/or higher education certificates.  Many of those graduates are currently working in the Mohave County region, making positive contributions to our communities.  As you can see in the map, MCC works closely with our local high schools, offering students the opportunity to earn college credits through the dual enrollment program

Map of Mohave Cunty with four locations of MCC campuses - Bullhead City, Colorado City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City

MCC graduates earn $725,600 more in life

MCC graduates enter fields in which they earn between $42,640 to $65,000 thousand a year on average. Compare that to those with only a high school diploma who earn $24,500 per year on average. An MCC graduate has the potential to earn $725,600 more in their career than a person who only has a high school diploma.

Students find that once they start at MCC, doorways begin to open on their path to the future. Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy is one of those students.  He started at MCC in the dual enrollment program when he was a student at Lake Havasu High School.  He is now the Vice President and General Manager of London Bridge Resort, as well as Mayor of Lake Havasu City.  


MCC helps improve our region

mcc helps the mohave county communities $212.4 million annual impact

Creates New Income in the Region

Supports Local Jobs

Sustains a skilled workforce

Increases student’s lifetime income

Expands the state economic base

Improves quality of life


Market research shows MCC generates a positive return on investment for students and communities in Mohave County.  The college adds $212.4 million in income to the Mohave County economy each year.

For every one dollar invested in MCC, the public will receive a cumulative value of $7.50 in benefits.

MCC alumni generate approximately $191 million in added income to the region each year. 

Student Satisfaction

96% of MCC students surveyed in 2018 agree, the college did an excellent job preparing them for a career and/or pursuit of continuing their higher education at a university.


100% students agree MCC dd excellent job preparing for career and a university






Information above is based on data collected by MCC Institutional Research Division, and Economic Modeling Specialists International, a leading provider of economic impact studies and labor market data.