Improving Lives, Improving Communities (Under Construction)

Mohave Community College creates a significant positive impact on the business community, along with those students who invested in their future by starting their higher education path at the college. 

return on investiment for MCC students in 20.2%

Return on Investment for MCC Students = 20.2% WOW!

For every $1 students invest in MCC in the form of out-of-pocket expenses, time and money, they receive a cumulative of $5.00 in higher future wages. The average annual rate of return for students is 20.2%. This is an impressive return compared, for example, to the less than 1% return per year that is generally expected from saving money in today’s standard bank savings accounts.

Students find that once they start at MCC, doorways begin to open on their path to the future.  Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy is one of those students.  He started at MCC in the dual enrollment program when he was a student at Lake Havasu High School.  He is now the Vice President and General Manager of London Bridge Resort, as well as Mayor of Lake Havasu City.  


Community ROI

$212.4 million impact by mcc on communityMarket studies show MCC generates a positive return on investment for students, society and taxpayers.  The college adds $212.4 million in income to the Mohave County economy each year, equal to approximately 5.6% of the Gross Regional Product.

MCC alumni generate approximately $191 million in added income to the region. 

Student Satisfaction

96% of MCC students surveyed in 2018 agree, the college did an excellent job preparing them for a career and/or pursuit of continuing their higher education at a university.


100% students agree MCC dd excellent job preparing for career and a university






Information above is based on data collected by MCC Institutional Research Division, and Economic Modeling Specialists International, a leading provider of economic impact studies and labor market data.