Using the WEPA Printer/Scanner Station

There are many ways to use the WEPA machines

How to Print: Upload / Print Methods


If a student has “leftover” money from the old JICS/MyMohave what will happen to those funds?

All accounts will be zeroed out at the end of the Fall 2017 semester. No refunds will be given.

What happens if I have leftover money in my WEPA account and I’m graduating/leaving MCC?

You can request a refund by calling 800-675-7639 and requesting a refund directly from WEPA

Who will accept payments for $5.00 WEPA cards?

See Student Services for a once per semester $5.00 pre-paid WEPA print card. Exact change only, during normal business hours.

Will these cards be replenished each semester for students?

The cards to not automatically refill, though the balances will carry forward as long as you have the card. 


  1. Using the WEPA Login to gain access to your account.
  2. Then select Mohave Community College from the school drop down. WEPA login
  3. You will be re-directed to your log screen in for Mohave Community College where you will need to enter your student login credentials.

Once you enter in your MCC login credentials, you are directed to your WEPA account so you can begin uploading documents to send to the WEPA Print machine.

Uploading documents to your WEPA account

    Web Uploads

    WEPA mobile app

    Wepa Express

    Depositing funds to your WEPA Account

    Depositing Funds to wēpa Account Balance

    Accessing WEPA Print from an MCC Resource

    Each of the student computers on campus are equipped with the WEPA Print Desktop Icon.  This icon can be used to login into your WEPA account and send your documents to the WEPA account and to the machine to print.

    WEPA icon


    Click the desktop icon.

    1. You will then be directed to enter in your login credentials for MCC
    2. Choose the document that you want to print.
    3. Go to the print option for your document (File Print)
    4. The WEPA Black and White printer will automatically default as the selected printer. If you want different printing options, (color, landscape) you must select them by choosing the down arrow on the right of the printer box and making the selection.

    Print dialog

          5. After selecting the print icon, your document is automatically assigned to your WEPA account and is available to print at the WEPA Print Station.


    Using the WEPA Print Station

    How to Print: Upload / Print Methods


    Scanning at the WEPA Print Station



    Do not forget to log out of the WEPA Print Station when you are done!

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