We are MCC!

We are MCC!

Mohave Community College graduates and alumni are proud members of our communities and many are leaders in their businesses and organizations. Research shows, MCC alumni contribute more than $190 million each year to our local communities.  Listen to how the college helped some of them on their paths to success.  This page is updated frequently with great stories, so check back soon.  If you are an MCC student or former student with a great story about how MCC helped you, please email us at MCC@Mohave.edu.  Remember, MCC is here to help you Own Your Future!  Apply for free today and get started on a bright future.

Chase Rice – I am MCC

Jasmin Olivo – I am MCC

Adam Romano – I am MCC

Chief Troy Stirling – I am MCC

Rusty Dubois – I am MCC

Rebecca Claas – I am MCC

Stephanie Powell – I am MCC

Torren McClure – I am MCC

Justin Begay – I am MCC

Hydie Romero – I am MCC

Jillian Usher – I am MCC

Ronald Marcks – I am MCC

Ashley Thimm – I am MCC

Giovanni Hartford – I am MCC

Breanna Larson – I am MCC

Misty Knight – I am MCC

Kayla Crowe – I am MCC

Police Chief (Ret.) Brian Williamson – I am MCC

County Supervisor Jean Bishop – I am MCC

Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy – I am MCC

Fire Marshall Barbie Barrett – I am MCC

Taschia Salas – I am MCC

Fire Captain Rick McShea – I am MCC

Elizabeth Najeera – I am MCC

Ricarda DeAnda – I am MCC

2020 Graduation Student Speaker Erika Heistand – I am MCC

Timothy Schiff – I am MCC

KUSD Computer Technician Timothy Gardner – I am MCC

Mohave Valley Fire Captain Rick McShea

Kayla Crowe – I am MCC

Marshal Knauf – I am MCC

Rich Libertini – I am MCC


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