Faculty Advising FAQ

Faculty Advising FAQ

When do I refer a student to another department?

  • Financial Aid questions – Academic Advising
  • Accommodation Intake Process – Academic Advising
  • Testing/Placement needs (outside of classroom) – Academic Advising
  • Registration Waiver/Access/Hold issues- Academic Advising
  • Veteran Affairs – Academic Advising
  • Degree Declarations- Academic Advising
  • Tutoring/life Skill needs- Student Success Coach
  • Discussion of Change of Major- appropriate faculty advisor
  • Graduation Ceremony questions- Registrar
  • Grade Grievance- Academic Advising
  • Student Life- Campus Deans
  • Academic Probation- Academic Advising
  • Library Services

How can students access a computer?

Library studies or Student Success Center can assist.

How do I find which courses are going to be offered to guide students?

Use the institutional catalog OR encourage the student to use their “my planning” process in self-service.

How do students change a program or add a degree/certificate?

They require a change in their degree declaration. Refer them to an academic advisor for this process.

How do advise a student interested in transferring?

See canvas course for FACULTY 101 for Transfer Advising.

How does a student add a course for registration?

See canvas course in FACULTY 101 for Student Registration (video).

How does a student file a grievance or complaint?

  • A student may use this form.
  • Direct the student to the appropriate person (Campus Dean/Program Director/Associate Dean/Dean of Instruction/ other department Deans).

How does a student get writing assistance?

  • Referral to a student success center.
  • Refer to Library Services for any workshops/assistance.

How does the testing center work? 

Contact the local office manager for that campus for further details. Testing centers are only used for placement or state requirement exams. 

How often should I meet with the student and what should I cover? 

  • Once a semester is best, but more is great.
  • See the canvas FACULTY 101 training course on Types of Advising for more details.

My student needs help: Disability

Refer to an academic advisor for an intake appointment.

My student needs help: Financial

Put in a KASE ticket for FA or Refer to an academic advisor for an in-depth discussion regarding FA options. 

My student needs help: Mental Health/Food/Housing/Life Issues

  • Complete the MAXIENT link ticket.
  • Speak with a Campus Dean for needed details.

What if a course is not offered for a student that is required for a student graduating? 

Contact the appropriate instructional dean for further discussion. 

What does a student need to complete their program of study? 

Review training in the canvas course FACULTY 101 for details in Graduation Advising and Milestone advising and/or Degree Audits.

When a student needs wants to drop a class due to a death in the family, military duty, or financial loss? 

Refer student to Academic Advisor for Special Circumstance drop discussion. 

What if my student has questions about their billing invoice, tuition fees, or financial status?

Refer student to Bursar’s office or Financial Aid for more in depth discussions.

Which Advisor do I call for assistance with questions related to tuition assistance?

The Academic Advisor

Why do I have to check in with my students so frequently?

These meetings will help identify issues early in their journey so they can be resolved without impacting their goals for completion.

What if I don’t get along with my Advisee? 

It is important to learn to work with various people and personalities so you will be encouraged to work the issues out. If the situation worsens, you may be reassigned.

How can I ensure the student’s timely completion of their program?

Review their academic plan often and ensure the student that the required courses are being taken in the suggested order. 

What happens if my student doesn’t complete a graduation application?

The student’s degree or certificate will not be conferred which can lead to delays in industry required testing. Additionally, if the student plans to attend commencement their name will not be included in the program.

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