Mohave Community College Board Votes to Adjust Student Tuition


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MOHAVE COUNTY – The Mohave Community College board voted Friday to approve a change in the tuition and fee structure for students. The new tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students will take effect starting with the upcoming fall 2024 semester.  This will be the first time in eight years that tuition has increased at Mohave Community College.

The adjustments come after careful consideration and are part of MCC’s commitment to maintaining high-quality educational standards and services for its students, and also keeps the College among the top three most affordable higher education institutions in Arizona.

Based on feedback from students, MCC administration recommended and the board approved streamlining the mandatory per credit student fee structure by incorporating the current seven-dollar technology fee into the tuition rate. This also brings MCC in line with other colleges in the state by adding the student fee to the base tuition rate, rather than billing students separately.  

This means, for Arizona residents, tuition will increase by ten dollars to $91 per credit, which now includes the seven-dollar technology fee plus a $3 tuition increase. The only other mandatory per credit fee students will pay separately is one dollar per credit for Student Activities, which helps student clubs fund such things as community outreach and public service events.  The Board also approved proposed course fees.

Out-of-state residents, who reside in one of the 15 western states covered by the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) will see tuition increase to $137.50 per credit.  Out-of-state residents who do not qualify for the WUE rate will pay $332 per credit, which covers their cost of education not subsidized by local tax collections. 

“We understand that any increase in tuition can be challenging for our students, and we do not take this decision lightly,” said Dr. Stacy Klippenstein, President of Mohave Community College. “As everyone knows, the cost of just about everything has increased over the past eight years and these adjustments are necessary to ensure MCC can continue to provide the high-quality education and support services that our students rely on.”

MCC remains committed to providing affordable and accessible education to all students, and offers a variety of financial aid options and scholarship opportunities to help offset the cost of tuition.

The new tuition rates are posted on the College website. The enrollment window opens on February 20 for the upcoming fall semester. The college is currently enrolling students in short-term classes that begin March 11 and summer semester classes that begin May 28 – the tuition increase will not affect those courses.  

Those who would like to enroll in upcoming classes should visit