2024 Spring and Summer registration window now open at MCC, sign up today


The spring and summer registration window is now open. Pictured are MCC English Instructor Dr. Trever Holland and students.
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MOHAVE COUNTY – This week, Mohave Community College started signing up students for spring and summer semesters starting January 8 and May 28, respectively. Students can get a head start on the process to ensure they land a spot in their preferred classes.

Students are encouraged to enroll in the classes they want and need as soon as possible because many classes fill up quickly. Early registration also allows the College time to determine if more courses need to be added to meet the demand. Classes are being held on campus, online and remotely via Zoom.

The College has a registration portal that will make registering for classes much easier for students. The public can also search the classes that are available for each semester by visiting the college website Mohave.edu, then clicking the Academics tab, and then selecting Search Available Classes.  To learn more about the student support system, visit Mohave.edu/ellucian-colleague.

MCC strives to make college affordable for everyone and has kept tuition at $81 per credit hour for nearly a decade. This low tuition rate, combined with scholarships and financial aid, helps make a college education attainable for everyone throughout Mohave County. In-state senior citizens also get a 50% tuition reduction in all College for-credit courses.

The College has four academic pathways for students, called Areas of Interest. Three of the four are academic programs in which students can earn a college degree or professional skills certificate and those are:

  • Career and Technical
  • General Education and Transfer
  • Health and Public Safety

The fourth academic division is Community and Corporate Education, providing short term, often one-day classes, where students can gain a range of new skills but do not earn college credits.

Under the academic pathways students have access to approximately 80 associate degree and professional skills certificate options, as well as dozens of fun and educational non-credit classes.

MCC students seeking a college degree or certificate receive the professional skills training and education needed for rewarding careers, as well as the academic foundation to transfer their MCC associate degree credits to a university where they may enter as a junior and complete a bachelor’s degree. The College has seamless credit transfers to all the public universities in Arizona, and many other university partners.

MCC is also now welcoming international students who meet the requirements for admission, have demonstrated English proficiency and have the documented financial ability to attend the College. For more information, go to https://www.mohave.edu/resources/international-students.

MCC is the region’s premier point of affordable access for high quality higher education and workforce training.  The College partners with business, industry and government leaders throughout Arizona to ensure graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce with desired professional and industry-specific skills, or transfer to a university to pursue a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree.

The College is a regional economic driver with an annual economic impact of more than $150 million throughout Mohave County. MCC strives to meet the growing regional needs of business and industry, and provides opportunities for small business development, as well as professional development for employees in every business sector.

Once a person creates a student account and fills out the free application, a college Student Services representative will be in contact to help guide you through the admissions and enrollment process, including tuition assistance options.

More information is available at the college’s four campuses, online at Mohave.edu, or by calling 866-MOHAVECC (866-664-2832).

The spring and summer registration window is now open. Pictured are MCC English Instructor Dr. Trever Holland and students.

The spring and summer registration window is now open. Pictured are MCC English Instructor Dr. Trever Holland and students.